Dental Implants  -  artificial roots for missing teeth

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a metal screw which is fixed into the bone: this is like an artificial root. Dental implants are made of titanium, a light and strong material. This material doesn't cause allergic reactions and bone will attach to it.  In our clinic we place implants of the brands Astra Tech and Straumann.


When are dental implants needed?

When there are teeth missing, you don't have to wear a removable denture. A more comfortable solution is having an artificial tooth placed on an implant. This will feel, function and look like a natural tooth.

When you have removable dentures which come loose while speaking or eating, dental implants are the solution. Two implants can give the dentures enough support to stay where they should be. If you like a fixed solution, we can place 4 implants and a fixed denture. This will look and feel like you still have your own teeth!

Treatment  for dental implants

We place dental implants using a local anaesthetic, so the whole treatment will be without any pain. After having made a small incision, we will drill a small hole in the bone in order to screw in the dental implant. After two months the bone will be attached to the titanium surface of the implant.  Now we can place the crown, fixed tooth or ball attachment to the implant. In the healing period a temporary crown or prosthesis can be worn.

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Treatment plan

If you like to have dental implants, a treatment plan with a cost estimation and approximate timetable will be offered to you. In most cases two treatments will be planned: first for the placing of the implants and after 1-3 months for the placing of the abutment. For the healing period we will provide you with a temporary, partial prosthesis or temporary fixed solution: you never have to leave our clinic without teeth!


For more information on the dental implants you can download the brochures below.


Dental implants

Info about dental implants


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