(First) removable denture  -  Conventional removable denture without implants

First removable denture (temporary denture)

When the condition of the teeth is very bad, we sometimes have to extract those teeth. 

denture fabricated in our office

We can do the extractions at our dental centre; you don't have to be referred to a hospital for this. Both the extractions will take place at our dental center an dthe denture will be made there. Because you can wear the denture immediately after the extraction, you never have to leave our office without teeth!

The first dentures are temporary dentures. After 6 to 12 months we have to replace the temporary denture by the final dentures. Appointments for aftercare consultation can be planned at very short notice: we won't put you on a waitinglist.

denture fabricated in our office

What does a removable denture look like? 

A denture is a synthetic understructures to which the teeth are attached. We try to make this as natural as possible. We can copy the colour and shape of your own teeth. Therefore, a denture looks like your own natural teeth, so nobody will notice you are having a denture.


Alternative: a denture fixed on implants
A denture in the lower jaw can be replaced by pressure of the cheek and tongue. When the jaw resorbs even more, this problem will become worse. When the jaw has shrunk too much it isn't possible anymore to make a complaint-free denture. Implants can support the denture whereby these problems will disappear. More information on a denture on implants, you can read here.

Adapt the denture.

Because of pressure on the jaw, the jaw wil shrink. As a result of this, the denture will not fit anymore and the denture will become loose. This is one of the reasons why we re-adjust the bottom of the denture to the new situation (do a rebasing), or make a new denture. When a denture cannot function well anymore, implants can be the solution.

Example removable dentures

Some examples of esthetic treatments performed in our dental clinic you can find at our example webpage.

Referred for an implant supported denture

When you are reffered to our clinic for an implant supported denture by a dentist or specialist, the denture will be made by them. We place the implants. 

If you have not been referred, we will have the denture made in our centre by our specialist, Ralph van der Reijden. He has his own website which has especially been designed for patients who need a new denture with or without implants.

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