How we work

It is always possible to plan a consultation within two weeks. For this intake, and sometimes the xrays, an invoice will be charged. Within a week after the intake an exact treatment plan and estimation will be sent to you. Our advice is to send this estimation to your insurancecompany to check which costs are covered by your insurance. 

Appointments and opening hours

Our dental office is open every day from 08.15 hrs to 17.00 hrs. If you cannot show up, cancel your appointment at least 24 hours beforehand. If you don't cancel your appointment in time we can send you an invoice for the time reserved for you.

Contact, Phone

  • For appointments or information: from 08.15 hrs to 17.00 hrs:  010-2909509. 
  • For emergencies: 010-2909506 from 08.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs.
  • For serious emergencies outsite office time, you can call 06-24624890, your own dentist, medical practitioner or First Aid Department.

Medical information and your privacy

When you visit our dental practice for the first time, we ask you to fill in a medical form. We ask you to inform us if your medical health or use of medicine have been changed. Your medical record will remain in our dental office and won't be shared with others. 

 Information and complaints

If you are not satisfied with your treatment, please report this to the assistant or dentist who treated you. We will try to find a solution together with you. This will almost always be succesful. If you are still not satisfied with the solution, you can contact Dental Info Centre (TIP, 0900-2025012; 0,25 p.m.). They will give you advice about dental treatments and tell you what to do with complaints. For more information:

Terms of payment

We handle the terms of payment from the NMT. You will receive an estimate after the intake, which we like to receive back with your signature. If we exceed this estimation by more than 15% because of reasons other than changes in rates,  we will inform you beforehand. We won't start the next treatment if invoices have not been paid yet. Payments smaller than €250 we prefer to receive in cash or by PIN. Invoices are to be paid within 30 days, also when you pay by your insurance. After 30 days 1% interest per month will be charged.

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Make an appointment

Intake always within two weeks! maak een afspraak formulier  through the website
telefoon  +31 (0) 10 290 95 09

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